The Direct Advantage

It may be very hard to believe…

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But now you’ll earn 6% Interest on up to $1,000 held in your “DA” Checking Account

There are so many good reasons for you to do all your banking at the credit union! Our “Direct Advantage” package of banking services is at the top of the list. It’s a little bit of everything in just a single account! Our overall goal is to help you get ahead financially— and this is just the first step. Just say “Yes” to Direct Deposit (100%) of your paycheck or Social Security check— and everything below is yours!  Ready to try it?

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Your Checking

  • Yes! Earn 6% on your first $1,000!!
    Earn interest on checking account funds? Who does that? WE do! In fact, we pay a whopping 6% APR dividend on your first $1,000 each month, and we continue to pay 0.11% on amounts over that.* Again, who does that? No one else in the entire world of banking!
  •’s all Free! No monthly fee!
    Look around— you’ll see banks charging $8-$12-$20 per month for checking services. But our DA account— no monthly charge!
  • Direct Deposit Of Your Paycheck
    It’s a huge convenience...and frankly, one of our most popular features! We’ll help you with the set-up process. (See our Forms list.)
  • Minimum balance requirement? Nope!
    Worry no more about keeping a certain amount of money in your account just to avoid a monthly fee.
  • Overdraft protection
    This is where it gets really expensive at most other places (like $25-to-$40 each time!). But here we pull funds from your savings or line-of-credit (see under “Your Borrowing”) to temporarily cover any overdraft (at no charge!).***
  • Total All-out Convenience
    On-line banking— yes! E-statements—yes! Bill-Pay— yes! Debit card—yes! Mobile Money (phone/text access)—yes! Popmoney— yes! CardValet—yes! Charges for any of this— no!

Your Savings

  • Higher dividend rates!
    Money Market & Holiday Club accounts earn higher rates (check our dividend rates for specifics).
  • IRAs with no annual fee!
    Better rates, too, on regular & Roth IRA accounts and certificates (check our dividend rate sheet for specifics).

Your Borrowing

  • Extra low auto loan rates!
    A low, low 2.95% on your next auto loan (new or used!).**
  • VISA Credit Card at only 9.95%!
    Unbelievable! And when you transfer any balance from a higher-rate card... you’ll get a 1% rebate on the amount transferred!**
  • 2% discount on all other loans!
    Yes, our rates are already competitive...but your DA account makes your KPCU loan waaay sweeter!**
  • $500 automatic line of credit!
    Your DA account includes a back-up $500 line of credit—subject to credit union approval—that kicks in as an additional overdraft safety net.***
  • Auto transfers of loan payments!
    Simple, easy and automatic. Just set and forget!****

...and More!

  • Lower wire fees!
    $5 (not $15) for US / $25 (not $35) for international wires.
  • Free Debit Card replacement!
    Lost your debit card or cracked it in your pocket? No fee for replacing the card or PIN.

fine print

* Your Board of Directors sets dividend rates each month. Rates may change at these times.

** ** Your Board of Directors sets loan rates each quarter. Rates may change at these times.

*** This credit service kicks in if/when funds are not available in any of your selected KPCU accounts— it covers you for any NSF item(s) up to $500. NSF items in excess of $500 are returned to the transferring source. If you have a separate, established Line-of-Credit with KPCU, any over-balance items will be covered (up to your credit limit) from your in-place LOC account. Questions?...Call us!

**** To initiate your LOC, just call or e-mail. We’ll get right back with you and take it from there.