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Not yet a member? If you are employed by Kaiser Permanente or Northwest Permanente, PC—or if you are a Kaiser Permanente Health Plan Member yourself— you can join KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union. Just fill out this simple form, click “Submit.” We’ll get back to you quickly.


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Note: When you click “Submit”, your personal information will be encrypted before being sent directly to the credit union. Our security protocol uses the latest security standards, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit encryption.

Or call us 8:30-5:00 Mon-Thurs, 9:00-6:00 Fri: 503-813-3242

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If You’re Already A Member…

Use KPCU for all it’s worth!  The more banking you do here, the better it is for everyone. Look over all your banking needs and see what you can bring our way:

  • Switch other accounts to the Credit Union.
  • Have your paycheck deposited directly to your “DA” account.
  • Convert your present credit card(s) to our low-rate card.
  • Let’s refinance your auto loan and save you some money.
  • How about refinancing your present mortgage?
  • Consider a Home Equity Line-Of-Credit…the last loan you may even need.
  • Set up monthly transfers from checking into CD, Money Market, Retirement or Educational accounts.
  • We can help you with all of these.

    Also, we want to hear from you— your questions, your requests, your ideas. Let’s Connect! We’ll always get back to you.

Finally, help us get more KaiPerm people to join. The more members we have, the more cost-efficient we get, and so the more we can give back to you as additional features and benefits. So spread the word…tell your family and co-workers about KPCU.