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…7 days a week!

It’s full-service banking wherever you are, whenever you want. It’s all online! You can: Check your account balances…transfer funds between accounts…make loan payments…pay bills…get cash advances…review transaction histories— all from anywhere, any time— day or night!

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Getting Started

If you haven’t yet signed up for Online Banking, we sure hope you’ll do so! It’s quick, easy, and absolutely painless! Just fill out this form, and get it back to us. We’ll post your credit union accounts online, and then we will call you to get you “in” and running. From this point on, you can go straight to your personal accounts (all of them!) just by entering your Log-in ID on our home page. You’ll be asked to verify your “Security Phrase” (which you write it when you sign in the first time), and then enter your Security Code (“password”). That’s all there is to it.


Your e-Statement is your monthly account statement that comes to you electronically. It’s faster than the old way, you won’t lose it (it’s always there for you), you can print it, you can use it (legally) as an original document, and you can easily retrieve past statements with just a click or two. And also…it helps to reduce the cost of running the credit union! You’ll receive an eMail notification when your new eStatement is available each month.

Download to Quicken/Quickbooks

You can download your account files…it’s easy! Go to your online account and click on “Export” in the menu bar. On the next screen that shows (“Account Summary”), select the records you want included. Then, a bit lower on the screen, choose one of the “export” buttons to download your selected data to your hard drive in either Quickbooks or Quicken formats. See more

Forgot Your Log-in ID?

Just call us— we have it on file. If it’s your security code that’s missing, enter your Log-in ID and when you see your security phrase, click the sign-in button without trying to put in a security code. We’ll send a note to the email address we have on file for you within 10 to 15 minutes— with a new temporary security code. Once you've logged in with this, create your own new security code using the specified parameters. Remember to write down your Log-In ID, your Security Phrase, and your Security Code (and store them away safely!). Any problems with any of this just give us a call.

Pay Your Bills Online

Once you enter some information about bills you pay regularly, you’re ready to pay all your bills with just a click. To sign up for Bill Pay, just fill out this form. When you log in for the first time, you'll be prompted to answer a few questions that will help us protect your identity both online and off. Our Bill Pay service is free to all “Direct Advantage” members. Non-“DA” members pay $3.95/month for this service (to cover our costs with our Fiserv vendor on your behalf).


It’s another way to send…or receive…money from another party. It is quick, and so darn easy…as easy as e-mailing or texting. In fact, that’s exactly how it works! It’s all part of Online Banking. Just sign in to your account, click on PopMoney, fill out “who/where/when/how much.” It’s that easy. There is a small fee for each transfer. You’ll find more detailed info about using this service on the popmoney sign-in screen where you do your online banking.   Preview

Online Security

This part is important! Your personal online information is protected using the latest security standards, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL), 128-bit encryption, and automatic logouts. Also, we use something called “Enhanced Authentication” that will recognize both your computer and your particular usage patterns. The Security Phrase you create the first time you sign in will display each time you log in. If you don’t see your security phrase, do not enter your Security Code. Also at your first sign-in you will be asked to select and answer three “challenge” questions. These will help to verify your identity when the system detects a questionable log-in. If, for instance, you log in from a different computer, the system will present one of these questions that you will have to answer correctly to confirm that it is you, before allowing access.

Connexus 24-Hour Phone Teller

This service provides you with anytime access to your credit union accounts from any phone. You can check your balances, make a payment to your credit union Visa. Connexus is free. To get started, call us to set-up your personal identification number (PIN). From then on, get your Connexus service anytime—